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Embrace the Warmth with Confidence

As we wave goodbye to the winter chill and welcome the warmth of spring and summer, it's crucial to ensure your Toyota is as ready as you are for the adventures ahead. At High River Toyota, we specialize in preparing your vehicle for the warmer months, guaranteeing safety, efficiency, and uninterrupted joy in every journey. Discover our range of Spring and Summer Services tailored exclusively for your Toyota.

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Our Spring/Summer Service Checklist

During a spring check-in or a regular service appointment, our Technicians will ensure your vehicle is in optimal condition for the season ahead. They will perform a 12V Battery Health Check, inspect your brakes and brake components and check the condition of your wiper blades, recommending new vehicle part replacements if necessary.

Battery Health Check

Winter can be harsh on your vehicle's battery. Let us test and ensure your battery's strength, ensuring you're never left stranded. Your vehicle's 12V battery has to work harder in below-freezing conditions to generate and maintain the charge needed to start the car and run other systems like the infotainment, climate control, and lighting. Although there are strategies to keep your car battery operating at peak efficiency throughout the winter, it's possible that the lower temperatures damaged your battery.

Brake System Inspection

Safety first! We conduct thorough inspections and maintenance on your brake system to ensure it's responsive and reliable, no matter where your travels take you. When winter driving conditions are slippery, drivers tend to apply more force to their brakes. This puts more wear and tear on your brake rotors and pads, which impairs your car's ability to slow down and stop in a timely manner.

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Swap out those winter tires for summer or all-season alternatives. Our experts ensure optimal tire fit, balance, and alignment, enhancing your vehicle's grip and fuel efficiency on those sunny drives. When the daily average temperature goes over 7ºC, Toyota Tire Experts advise switching to all-season tires because they offer better control and traction on warmer pavement than winter tires. In addition, our tire specialists will examine your tires for worn tread and sidewall bulges and cracks to determine whether they are in excellent condition.

Breathe Easier with Toyota Genuine Cabin Air Filters

Is it time to replace your cabin air filter? Opt for the exceptional quality of Toyota Genuine Cabin Air Filters over aftermarket alternatives. Our filters are specifically designed to capture pollen, dust, and other pollutants before they enter your vehicle's compartment. This ensures the air you breathe is clean, enhancing your driving experience and maintaining your HVAC system's peak efficiency.

Early A/C Check: Save on Future Costs

Don't wait for your A/C to fail! Regular A/C refresher services are now becoming the norm among savvy drivers who understand the benefits of preventative care. Our Toyota A/C Refresher Service ensures your system remains unblocked, providing you with crisp, filtered air at all times and avoiding costly future repairs. A well-maintained A/C means a healthier environment inside your car, leading to a more enjoyable and healthier drive every time.

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Don't let maintenance needs put a damper on your warm weather plans. Ensure that you follow to your scheduled maintenance, which should be done every six months or 8,000 kilometers. Contact us to schedule your Spring/Summer Service today and ensure your Toyota is in peak condition to explore all the beauty and excitement the season has to offer. Embrace the upcoming seasons with High River Toyota. Your adventure awaits, and we're here to ensure you embark on it with a vehicle that's prepared, protected, and primed for the journey ahead. 

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